Gate Gasket Seal

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When driving a pickup truck equipped with a bed cover, a vacuum is created inside the truck bed. This vacuum will pull debris into the truck bed through the tailgate area. The Retrax® Gate Gasket stops dust, snow, water and exhaust fumes form being drawn in at the bottom and side of the tailgate.

The Gate Gasket utilizes an outdoor 3M doublefaced tape that is heat bonded to the rubber gasket, which makes installation very easy. If your truck has a topper, fiberglass shell, canvas cover or a Retrax® bed cover, do yourself a favor and install a Retrax® Gate Gasket.


    1. • Eliminates water, snow, dust and other debris from entering your truck bed at the tailgate for a complete seal • Works with all bed liners, tonneau covers, caps and shells • Easy installation process


The Gate Gasket is installed below the floor of the bed and inside the protection of the rear corner posts.